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The Wirecutter                                                The Sweethome has become arguably my favorite website, in combination with, its sister site. Each of these websites features in-depth product reviews. The Wirecutter specializes in gadgets, electronics and related accessories. The Sweethome focuses on household items, cleaners, and appliances.

The thing I love about these websites is they treat every purchase with the seriousness of a major purchase. Interested in a new laundry basket? The Sweethome will give you nearly 4,000 words explaining their reasons for their best pick. Want a portable bluetooth speaker? They have you covered.

Even better, if that’s too much for you, you can just click the link and buy their suggestion, safe in the knowledge they have done the work for you.

Both websites also take price into serious consideration. If one item is the ‘best’ but costs twice as much as one that will do just fine in every area of importance, they recommend the more cost-effective solution. That helps you know you are also making the fiscally responsible choice. That said, the emphasis is always on quality over cheap and disposable. This is absolutely the right approach.

Finally, they routinely publish seasonal buying guides. Going back to school? Gearing up for winter? These two websites have you covered.

Bookmark these websites. Before you buy anything you want to use regularly, consult them and check their recommendations. It might seem silly to research a laundry basket until you have to carry one upstairs awkwardly because the handles are designed poorly. Then you will wish you had simply purchased this one, like they told you to.

TL;DR: Bookmark and Consult them before you buy anything

Note: No compensation was given in exchange for this review. I just like these websites.