How I’m trying to #resistTrump


President Trump’s executive order on immigration is cruel, unconstitutional, unnecessary, discriminatory, and ineffective for reducing terrorist threats. I notice the ban does not include travelers from countries where he has substantial business interests, nor does it include travelers from countries involved in the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless in the face of the perceived authority granted by the office of the presidency. How should I express my dismay at this turn of events? How can I make a difference? Simply tweet and post on Facebook? That seems a bit… ineffective, too easy, and unworthy of the situation. What else can I personally do to lift the voices of those who are being oppressed?

I’ve decided the best thing I can do right now is to support those who have agency, standing, and expertise to truly be of service to those at risk. So this is what my wife and I have decided to do now:

  1. Subscribe to the Washington Post and NY Times
  2. Increase our contribution to the ACLU
  3. Renew our contribution to Planned Parenthood
  4. Increase our contribution to NPR
  5. Subscribe to the social media feeds of our local mosques in order to become aware of opportunities for support. Here are the links for those in Indianapolis:
    1. Muslim Alliance of Indiana: Twitter, Facebook
    2. Muhammad Mosque No. 74: Twitter, Facebook
    3. Masjid Al-Fajr: Twitter, Facebook
  6. Seek opportunities to demonstrate solidarity with vulnerable and at-risk populations
  7. Engage our faith community at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and encourage their activism on these issues

Will this make a difference? I honestly don’t know. What I do know is I have to find some way to actively engage on behalf of my principles and morals in order to stay true to myself. These are our own first steps to resist government’s actions which violate our beliefs. Maybe these ideas will resonate with you; maybe you have other suggestions.

Whatever the case, it is important that those of us who find these steps immoral and un-American, speak out about it. Passive resistance is not really resistance at all; it’s just whining. Be better. Do more.