Why I would make a terrible superhero


Watching Daredevil on Netflix tonight, I realized I would not make a very good superhero. For instance, imagine a world in which I am Daredevil and the following conversation takes place with Rosario Dawson:

Rosario Dawson: I love you Matt, but I can’t do this. I can’t be with you if I don’t even know you’re coming home at night.

Matt: Ok, no problem.

Rosario Dawson: What does that even mean?

Matt: I quit. I’m not a superhero anymore. We’ll go to brunch on Saturdays and the rest of the time we’ll order pizza and watch movies and stuff.

Rosario Dawson: Ok… I guess that’s it, then. Wanna go out for dinner or order in?

Matt: Let’s order in tonight!