The best corner in Indianapolis

54th and College is the best corner in Indianapolis, in my opinion. Here is why:

  1. It’s neighborhood-based. People actually live, eat, work and play on this corner and its surrounding blocks.
  2. Moe and Johnny’s: The food just continues to get better over time here, and they have just about everything you could want. A large outdoor patio, a bar with plenty of televisions, a comfortable dining area and a cozy coffeehouse, all in the same building. Almost everything here is good, especially the burgersĀ and tenderloin sandwiches. The staff are great and if you’re a regular, they don’t pretend they’ve never seen you before.
  3. Yats: The best location of the best restaurant in the city. Yes, that includes fancy steakhouses.
  4. Fat Dan’s Deli: One of my favorite hangout spots. It’s tough to find lighter fare, but the food is spectacular and the atmosphere is very leisurely. Don’t come if you’re in a hurry but if you want to hang out, this is a great place. Chicago dogs, brisket, and dirty tots!
  5. Sam’s Gyros: Not fancy, but good.
  6. Twenty Tap: That French Breakfast Burger!
  7. Jazz Kitchen: Live music must be included for this corner to qualify as the best.
  8. The Fresh Market: Oh, you want to actually cook yourself instead of enjoying all the great restaurants? This market is amazing.
  9. Bebop Pizza Kitchen: You gotta have a pizza place on the best corner in the city, right?
  10. Yogulatte: And finally, dessert.

These locations are all jammed into the corner of 54th and College. You can sit outside at most of these locations and people-watch, drink a beverage of your choice, and have a wonderful meal while enjoying the beautiful shade of trees in a mature neighborhood. If you’re coming over from the Monon, it’s about as short as a walk can be from there.

This is my favorite place in the city. If you haven’t been to this corner yet, you’re missing out!